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Top Ten Articles We Think You Should Read (March 25 – March 31)

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2in china bird flueTwo in China are first-known deaths from H7N9 bird flu

USA Today – March 31, 2013

Two Chinese men are the first humans to die from a lesser-known strain of bird flu. A third person also has contracted the disease and is in critical condition. There is no sign the three contracted the disease from the same source and no sign of human-to-human transmission according to Chinese officials. The H7N9 strain is considered a low pathogenic strain that cannot be easily contracted. The majority of individuals who contract bird flu have the H1N1 strain.


south africa praysSouth Africa prays for Mandela’s recovery

AlJazeera – March 28, 2013

At age 94, Nelson Mandela, ­is reported as “responding well” to treatments for a recurring lung infection. The anti-apartheid icon, who also served as South Africa’s president for five years, has received much national and international support as he ages on various social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter, where supporters have been wishing him well and to be discharged soon.


7000 warned7,000 warned of potential HIV, hepatitis exposure

CNN – March 28, 2013

After the discovery of multiple health violations at a local dentist’s office in the Owasso suburb of Oklahoma, some 7,000 patients are being notified that they could have been exposed to HIV or hepatitis over the past six years. Dentist W. Scott Harrington voluntarily stopped practicing after the onset of the investigation.

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Top Ten Articles We Think You Should Read (Oct 21 – Oct 28)

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ImageNortheast in crosshairs of ‘superstorm’ Sandy

CNN – October 27, 2012

Hurricane Sandy is expected to hit the northeastern United States after already claiming two dozen lives throughout its path in the Caribbean. The expected storm is being compared to the “Perfect Storm” of 1991. In the worst case scenario, the storm may collide with a strong cold front coming from the west and has the potential to create a “superstorm” hitting the Northeast with powerful winds, pelting rain, and days of power outages. Various cities along the eastern coast have taken precautions and upcoming political events have even been postponed or canceled.


ImagePurple Poll: Tiny lead for Obama in Colorado and Ohio; Virginia tied

Politico – October 26, 2012

According to the most recent Purple Poll, a survey conducted by the bipartisan consulting firm Purple Strategies, has shown President Barack Obama holding a small lead over Governor Mitt Romney in several of the swing-states. Overall, the presidential race has tightened by 2-3 points across the map as a whole, yet Obama still leads after a difficult month campaigning.


ImageChina’s Internet censors strike again

Washington Post – October 26, 2012

Chinese Internet censors have blocked a recent New York Times article detailing how Prime Minister Wen Jiabao and his family have over $2.7 billion in investments and assets, some overseas. The story details how leading Chinese families, some descending from Mao himself, have used their immense power to become very wealthy when they claim to be similar to the ordinary Chinese citizen. Although Wen claims to be a reformer and promoting Chinese openness, after the release of the story Chinese Internet has censored both the English and Mandarin versions of the article suggesting the ruling class’ fear of the digital revolution.

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Top Ten Articles We Think You Should Read (March 19 – 25)

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How The Health Law Could Survive Without A Mandate

New York Times – March 23, 2012

Next week, the Supreme Court will hear arguments over whether its constitutional that the 2010 health law will require most Americans to have health insurance starting in 2014. This “individual mandate” seems to be the centerpiece of the new health law, however others participating in the debate are not quite convinced of this. Other provisions that could propel the law into action without the mandate include expanding the Medicaid program for the poor and setting up new marketplaces where people can compare plans and buy health insurance. Those against the mandate see, and are arguing for, ways that people could be encouraged to take part in buying health insurance that start short of a requirement.


Cornered Suspect Admits Killing 7 in France, Officials Say

New York Times – March 21, 2012

23-year-old Frenchmen, Mohammed Merah, admitted to the methodical killings of ten civilians, including three children, which occurred over the past ten days in the Toulouse, France region. Before being captured, Merah had isolated himself in an apartment building in the Côte Pavée neighborhood. He has been identified as a former garage mechanic who had been trained by Al Qaeda. These murders have not only created a security issue, but also problems concerning other Muslims within France. The event has increased concerns of “Islamophobia” and racism among French civilians against those who practice the Islamic religion.


Keystone XL pipeline: Obama to oil progress as pump prices rise

The Guardian – March 21 2012

President Obama announced on Thursday that he will speed up the approval process for the Keystone XL pipeline in order to allow construction to begin before the November elections. This process will include submitting an executive order directing government agencies to speed up approval processes in the southern US-only segment of the line. The President also is said to be planning to approve the entire route of the pipeline from Alberta to Texas, inciting angry reactions from environmental groups.


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Top Ten Articles We Think You Should Read (March 12-18)

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Jury Finds Spying in Rutgers Dorm Was a Hate Crime

New York Times – March 17, 2012

On Friday, the Dharun Ravi was convicted of all 15 charges brought against him in the prosecution of his spying upon his gay roommate Tyler Clementi. Ravi set up a video camera to spy upon his roommate having sex with another man, and then made the video public to friends and associates through his twitter account. The ruling is being hailed by gay rights activists as a step forward against bullying and hate crimes in a time when existing laws have struggled to keep up with evolving technology, but Ravi’s lawyer is certain that an appeal will be made.


Students extol tuition equality at regents meeting

The Michigan Daily – March 15, 2012

Members of the Coalition for Tuition Equality and related student organization on campus met with the University’ Board of Regents on Wednesday during their open meeting to discuss the effort of giving undocumented students living in the state of Michigan the same in state tuition rate as other students. Other issues discussed were the decreased enrollment of African-American students, and the possible increase of childcare funding for grad students.


Congolese Warlord Convicted, in First for International Court

New York Times – March 15, 2012

After three years of trial, an international court found Thomas Lubanga, a leader of the rebel group the Democratic Republic of Congo, guilty of one of the most damning acts of war- the use of children as soldiers.  Lubanga recruited children under the age of 15 forcing the boys to fight and the girls into a life of sexual slavery. The court is likely to issue Lubanga’s sentence in the coming weeks.

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Top Ten Articles We Think You Should Read (Feb 13 – Feb 19)

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As Wars Wind Down, What Are U.S. Security Needs?

NPR-February 15, 2012

The level of force required to secure the interests of the United States of America is the big talk amongst policy makers over the past few weeks. President Obama has plans to make cuts in the Defense department. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta believes that these cuts can be made without loss of security, but many in Washington want the department to be left untouched.

Israel Says Iran Is Behind Bombs

The New York Times-February 13, 2012

In the escalating conflict between Israel and Iran the accusation of bombings in India and Georgia make the situation in the Middle East a world issue. Bombs that were in the vicinity of Israeli embassy employees in the capitols of foreign nations were blamed on the Iranian government by Israel.

Iran Warns 6 Countries in Europe It Will Cut Off Oil

The New York Times-February 15, 2012

Iran has threatened to cut off its oil supply to six European countries in response to international sanctions instituted on their nuclear program. Early forecasts foresee that the Iranian embargo will have a massive effect on worldwide economics, possibly doubling the global price of oil.

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