Student Media Watchdog Association


SMWA is a non-profit, non-partisan organization founded by U of M students.

We feel that the news in its current state is overwhelming, over-commercialized, and under-consumed. By holding journalists and news organizations accountable for their news content, we hope to encourage the general public to think critically about the news it consumes and to uphold journalistic standards of objectivity and integrity. Our agenda is not influenced by an interest in ratings or profit but rather the pursuit of news that better informs our student body and enlightens public discourse. We are about making the news more accessible for you.

Editorial Board
All four founders are University of Michigan Department of Communications concentrators in their Senior Year. Collectively, other areas of interest include French, American Culture, International Studies, and Applied Statistics.
Contact Us

Katherine Bies – Editor-in-Chief

Christina Lawson – Associate Editor

Marisa McKay – Treasurer

Kelsey Heckert – Blog Manager


  1. I completely agree with you that the current amount of news is overwelming. I really like your idea of summarizing the top stories on a weekly basis

  2. Thanks so much! We appreciate your comment. Check back often as we’ll have two new editorials soon!

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