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Top Ten Articles We Think You Should Read (Jan. 21 – Jan. 27)

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obama offers lib visionObama Lays Out Liberal Vision at Inauguration

NYTimes – Jan. 21, 2013

Obama’s inauguration on Martin Luther King Day opened with an assertive Inaugural address encouraging collective action to preserve individual freedoms with emphasis on expanding opportunity. The points he declared included advancing gay rights, overhauling immigration policy, sustaining the social welfare safety net, and taking steps to stop climate change. Obama urged progress and to not delay decisions. Hundreds of thousands of people gathered in celebration, though far less than four years ago.


east quadEast Quad to offer inclusive living spaces upon opening 

The Michigan Daily – Jan. 16, 2013

It was recently announced that the University of Michigan is planning on integrating an inclusive living space at the newly renovated East Quad next year for gender non-conforming students. It is a huge step, not only because it creates a safe and supportive environment for students who do not identify with the gender binary, but for universities and colleges around the world. This Open Housing Initiative is a starting point for pursuing change at the university level and brings to light issues of comfort, support, and inclusion throughout the nation.


progun rallies heldPro-gun rallies held in US state capitals

Al Jazeera – Jan. 20, 2013

After the tragic shootings in Newton, Connecticut in mid-December, Obama has unleashed a string of new bans to make the purchase and ownership of guns much stricter. Firearm owners have been gathering in various cities throughout the country in support for their right to own a gun. However, with multiple shootings throughout the nation occurring in hindsight, as well as, many accidental injuries from firearms, Obama and gun advocates are beginning a strong push to ban assault weapons.

emotional armstrongEmotional Armstrong ‘ashamed about doping’

Al Jazeera – Jan. 20, 2013

American cyclist, Lance Armstrong, appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s talk show to discuss his recent conviction of doping, getting his medals stripped, and being forced to leave his Livestrong cancer charity. Armstrong does nothing to deny his allegations and instead speaks of how he finally decided that he had to come clean, as he saw his son defending his name to others. Despite his being banned from such events as the Tour de France, Armstrong is eager to participate in competitive sports again. “I’m a competitor…I love to race…I deserve to be punished. I’m not sure that I deserve the death penalty,” he told Winfrey of his future plans.


algerians find many moreAlgerians Find Many More Dead at Hostage Site:

NY Times – Jan. 20, 2013

After the four-day hostage siege, many more corpses have been found scattered at the gas-production complex in the Sahara. Among these killed hostages include victims from the United States, Britain, France, and Japan. The man behind the killings is thought to be Mokhtar Belmokhtar, a warlord linked to Al Qaeda. Belmokhtar released a video stating, “We in Al Qaeda announce this blessed operation,” and that they are offering to negotiate with “the West and the Algerian government provided they stop their bombing of Mali’s Muslims.” This is further evidence that the hostage situation is linked to the military intervention in Mali, led by the French. The main task among French officials and the Algerian government remains to stabilize central Mali and disband any further violence from the Islamist rebels.


hearings beginHearings begin in Indian gang-rape trial

Al Jazeera – Jan. 21, 2013

Proceedings against the five men accused of a fatal sexual attack on a 23-year-old student began in Delhi’s fast track court. The transfer of the rape case from a district court to the fast-track court is mainly procedural and comes as emotions continue to run high in India over the brutal gang-rape attack on the student last month.  A sixth accused, who police believe is a minor, will be tried in juvenile court. The victim’s parents have called for the death penalty for the accused. The victim suffered massive internal injuries during the December 16 assault in which she was raped and beaten with an iron bar. She died 13 days after the attack in a Singapore Hospital.


volunteers clean upVolunteers clean up 13 Detroit homes for MLK Day of Service

Detroit Free Press – Jan. 21, 2013

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day community service, personal reflections, and celebrations of Obama’s second inauguration occurred throughout Detroit. The project, carried out by Wayne State University’s Center for Urban Studies and Americorps consisted of over 350 volunteers boarded up 13 abandoned homes and apartment buildings on Detroit’s north side. The organizers chose to try to stabilize the north side neighborhoods to help create a safe passage for the girls of Detroit International Academy for Young Women as they walked to school.


hackers take over govtHackers take over government website to avenge Swartz

CBS News – Jan. 26, 2013

The hacker group Anonymous has stated that it hijacked the website of the U.S. Sentencing Commission in honor of Aaron Swartz, a prominent Internet advocate and the creator of Reddit, who committed suicide after being pursued by federal prosecutors. The agency, which is an independent portion of the judicial branch, had its website edited by the hackers to feature a message stating that when Swartz killed himself, “a line was crossed.” By mid-morning last Saturday the site was offline.


satellite images reveal north korSatellite Images reveal North Korea ready for nuclear test

Fox News – Jan. 26, 2013

An American research institute says that North Korea could almost be ready to carry out its threat to conduct a nuclear test according to recent satellite photos. The pictures reveal that a site where nuclear tests were conducted in previous years has stayed somewhat operational with roadways kept clear, trucks driving around the area, and a potential tunnel dug into a nearby mountainside where a nuclear device could be detonated. It still is difficult to determine North Korea’s intentions considering that the device would be tested underground. This new image was taken from satellites on Wednesday.


a city in egypt eruptasDozens die in Egyptian riots after soccer verdict

NY Times – Jan. 26, 2013

Egypt’s new government lost control of the major city Port Said on Saturday as soccer fans attacked the city’s jail, drove police officers out of the city and cut off all access to the area. This comes as 21 soccer fans from the city were sentenced to death for inciting a deadly riot between the fans of two rival soccer teams last February. There are at least 30 people dead, more than 300 injured and the violence has residents of Port Said afraid to leave their homes. This disturbance has been one of the harshest challenges to Egypt’s new Islamist rulers who are attempting to restore order after the dismantling of Hosni Mubarack’s regime. There is still no plan from the government on how they might regain control of the city.


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