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Top Ten Articles We Think You Should Read (Nov. 12 – Nov. 18)

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Clinton arrives in Middle East as Egypt Says Truce in Gaza is Close

NY Times – Nov. 20, 2012

Diplomatic efforts have accelerated to attempt to end the conflict between Israel and Palestine militant groups as the US sends Secretary of State Hillary Clinton travels to the region. Egypt’s President along with his senior aides said that they are confident that a cease fire is very close. No announcements have been made, but Clinton said she will be working with both sides in the next few days to come to an agreement.

A guide to understanding what happened in Congo

The Washington Post – Nov. 20, 2012

While many have been focusing on the recent conflict in the Middle East, the Congo has been rocked by gunfire and militant activity from the M23. The M23 rebel group, believed to be backed by the Rwanda government, seized Goma, a capital city, and has access to highly specialized and advanced weapons. This renewed fighting has brought about the possibility of a regional war bringing more turmoil in the region that has experienced instability in the past few months.


Bernanke’s ‘cliff’ comments break two-day rally

Reuters – Nov. 20, 2012

Wall Street’s two day rally has been halted after Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said that central banks do not have “the tools to cushion the economy” from the fiscal cliff’s impact. He went on to say that the federal government does not have offset the damage if politicians do not come together to create a deal to prevent mandatory tax increases and and tax cuts that are scheduled to go into effect next year. Theses statements created a downdraft in the market, with most of the losses occurring at the end of the business day.

Credit Suisse sued by N.Y. over losses on mortgage bonds

Bloomberg – Nov. 20, 2012

Credit Suisse group was used by New York’s Attorney General for allegedly deceiving investors in mortgage-baked securities that were sold before the financial crisis. The bank is accused of misleading investors and committed fraudulent acts to promote and sell the securities. This lawsuit is another step in holding banks and financial institutions accountable for what they sell to investors and their actions as a whole.

Nancy Pelosi to remain Democratic leader

Politico – Nov. 14, 2012

On Wednesday, Nancy Pelosi will remain the Democratic House leader extending her rule on the caucus she has maintained for over ten years. Her decision keeps the same Democratic leadership in the House for another two years.

In first post-election news conference, Obama lays out second term

Washington Post – Nov. 14, 2012

On Wednesday, the President held his first press conference after winning a second term in office. In the conference, he laid out his plans for a second term including a “mandate” to help the nation’s poor and middle class citizens, citing that voters sided with his current economic policy when reelecting him. He also defended UN Ambassador Susan E. Rice, a leading candidate for the Secretary of State position, who has taken attacks from Republican leaders. Presidents frequently use the first press conference after their reelection to set the tone for the next four years and Obama was no different.

Veteran FBI agent helped start Petraeus e-mail inquiry

NY Times – Nov. 14, 2012

The FBI agent who sparked the investigation of CIA Director Petraeus and his subsequent resignation also was involved in the investigation of the foiled millenium 1999 terrorist plot. Frederick W. Humphries II took the investigation and his concerns about Petraeus to Congressional Republicans after the investigation was halted, presumably for political reasons. Humphries was identified by law enforcement colleagues on Wednesday as the head of the investigation.

China confirms leadership change

BBC – Nov. 15, 2012

Xi Jinping has been confirmed that he will lead China for the next ten years. To signal his elevation to the top of China’s Communist Party, he led the new standing committee onto the stage of the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Most of the new committee is politically conservative and those who were seen as reformers were not promoted. This marks the official passing of power from one generation to the next in the country.

Hamas military chief killed in Israeli attack

Aljazeera – Nov. 14, 2012

The top Hamas commander along with six others were killed in Israeli air attacks on the Gaza strip in an operation to target armed groups in the region. Shortly after the attack, Israel pounded the Gaza Strip with 20 air strikes and according to Hamas’ health minister killed five and injuring thirty. The attacks on Wednesday mark the largest escalation of fighting between the Israelis and Gaza fighters since 2008-2009 conflicts.

Anti-austerity strikes erupt in Europe

Aljazeera – Nov. 14, 2012

Workers across the European Union have started strikes in a coordinated battle against austerity cuts. These strikes are intended to paralyze factories and public sector offices. Organizers are urging national leaders to address the growing social anxiety in the region instead of the looming austerity measures. Protests are planned in Belgium, Germany, France and the UK where walkouts are planned in Spain, Portugal and Italy.


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