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Top Ten Articles We Think You Should Read (Oct. 29 – Nov. 11)

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Syria opposition agrees to a united coalition

Al Jazeera – Nov. 11, 2012

Syrian opposition groups met in the Qatari capital to sign an agreement to form a group called the Syrian National Coalition. While some details are still being negotiated, the increasing pressure in the region to form a united resistance group opened dialogue and will lead to a more concrete agreement. Details were discussed at a meeting this weekend.


Barack Obama adds Florida to White House victory

BBC News – Nov. 10, 2012

President Barack Obama has furthered the electoral gap between him and Governor Mitt Romney by winning the presidential vote in Florida. The final vote count, according to the Florida state department gave Obama 50% and Romney 49.1% of the vote. These results leave Obama with 332 electoral college votes and the majority to secure his presidential election win.


Iraq cancels $4.2bn Russian arms deal over ‘corruption’

BBC News – Nov. 10, 2012

The Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki said that a recent deal to buy arms from Russia has fallen through due to concerns of corruption. The purchase included helicopters and missiles and would have been used to rebuild Iraq’s armed forces. If the deal would have gone through, Russia would have been the largest supplier of weapons to Iraq with the U.S. following in second.

BBC chief resigns after network wrongly implicated politician sex abuse scandal

The Washington Post – Nov. 10, 2012

The BBC’s top executive resigned on Saturday after the news outlet wrongly implicated a British politician in a child sex-abuse case worsening the controversy after the news magazine failed to report on similar allegations that one of its employees was a pedophile. George Entwistle said in a statement that he would do the “honorable thing” and step down from the position he has held for only eight weeks and after 23 years at the company.


4.3 magnitude earthquake reported in Kentucky

ABC News – Nov. 10, 2012

An earthquake occurred that was centered in Whitesburg, Kentucky near the Virginia border.

Residents in the seven surrounding states reported feeling some minor tremors. The ground shook for about 15 seconds, but there was no serious damage. People near the epicenter might have had pictures fall off the walls; books fall off from shelves, and lights flickering on and off, but no problems from the quake have been reported from any power plants.


Middle East nuclear talks called off

NBC News – Nov. 10, 2012

Proposed high-level talks between Israel and its Muslim neighbors on nuclear weapons have been called off. Tensions in the region are too high for such a gathering, U.S. diplomats report. The meeting to be held in Helsinki at the end of the year was on shaky ground since 189 members of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty agreed to it on in 2010. However, it has been reported that Israeli and Iranian officials were making progress in two days of talks at the nuclear non- proliferation meeting in Brussels. The Brussels meeting was meant to pave the way for a full international conference in the next few months on banning nuclear arms in the Middle East. Experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency and Iran are scheduled to meet December 13 in Tehran for a new round of regulations.


Racial Slurs at College Protests Prompt a deeper look

USA Today: No. 11, 2012

Students at both the University of Mississippi and Hampden-Sydney College gathered after Obama was re-elected Tuesday to attack both his policies and race. Those at Hampden-Sydney College went so far as to threaten residents of the Minority Student Union house. Issues and policies during this election were highly racialized and illustrated the increasing diversity in the electorate.  Although America has re-elected its first black president, there is still deep-rooted issues of discrimination and racism and these acts are proof that there is still progress to be made.


Obama Hangs Tough on the Fiscal Cliff

Bloomberg Businessweek: Nov. 9, 2012

The fiscal cliff will be reached by the beginning of next year, which threatens a blow to America’s economy. President Obama explained that he would be tough on budget negotiations as both parties work together to decrease the effects of this economic shift. Negotiations will be hard as GOP leaders are for increasing revenue, but oppose President Obama’s approach. Although both parties will likely produce a temporary patch, this problem will be far from fixed, discouraging consumer spending and investments from businesses.


In One Day, 11,000 Flee Syria as War and Hardship Worsen

The New York Times – Nov. 9, 2012

On Friday, November 9, the United Nations reported that over 11,000 Syrians fled to neighboring countries in order to escape the ravaging war and violence that has become widespread throughout the country. The United States is planning to provide $34 million in aid, bringing the total aid provided by the U.S to over $165 million. Meetings and elections meant to diversify the nation’s government has only solidified the control of the Muslim Brotherhood and its allies. Widespread attacks are worsening throughout the country and it will take many voices and much effort to restore peace within Syria.


US officials: Complaint about Broadwell sparked FBI investigation that indicated Petraeus affair

NBC News – Nov. 11, 2012

General David Petraeus, a leader widely respected for his reputation as director of the CIA, has recently resigned his position after nearly four decades in intelligence, due to the discovery of an extra-marital affair with author of his biography, Paula Broadwell. The affair was discovered after a woman turned to the bureau for help after receiving harassing emails. The FBI soon discovered that the emails were coming from Broadwell, which led to the discovery of her explicit emails to Petraeus, indicative of an affair. Investigators concluded that there was no criminal violation.

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