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Top Ten Articles We Think You Should Read (April 2 – 8)

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Tuaregs Claim ‘Independence’ from Mali

Al Jazeera – April 6th, 2012

The Tuareg, a rebel group in northern Mali, have claimed sovereignty, stating through their website and a spokesperson in Paris that Azawad, a region in northern Mali, is now independent and completely under their control. The declaration comes at a time of turmoil, coups, and advancement of the Tuareg and other rebel groups in Mali. However, the move has not gone unquestioned internationally or locally.


Detroit backs off the ledge

CNN Money – April 5th, 2012

In response to a potential state takeover, Detroit City Council approved a deal that allows the city to void contracts and lower costs without the aid of state loans on Wednesday. Earlier this week Gov. Snyder threatened to a impose a Michigan Law which would allow him to appoint an “emergency manager” who could assume the powers of Detroit’s Mayor and City Council if the city could not improve its fiscal situation.  The deal appears to have stemmed that threat for the foreseeable future.


The Secret Torture Memo Cheney Didn’t Want You to See

Mother Jones – April 5, 2012

Philip Zekow, a former advisor to Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, has released a formerly classified memo in which he warned the Bush administration that their “enhanced interrogation techniques” were likely illegal. Zekow has accused Cheney’s office of attempting to destroy the memo and its evidence; however, copies have been recovered and released by the State department on Tuesday.

Scientists Link Gene Mutation to Autism Risk

NY Times – April 4, 2012

Independent scientists have identified particular genes mutations that increase the risk of a child developing autism. They have also found that having fathers over the age of 35 increases a child’s chances of having the disease. These new-found gene mutations only account for a small portion of children with the disease, however the consensus is that this discover could be very helpful in determining cures and evaluating how to handle autism and similar diseases.


Santorum struggles to stay relevant as Romney and Obama begin face-off

The Guardian – April 4th, 2012

As Rick Santorum struggles to gain votes in his home state of Pennsylvania, it is becoming clear that frontrunner republican candidate Mitt Romney now considers current President Barack Obama as his main competitor. Santorum is struggling to maintain equal status with Romney as he only has 278 delegates opposed to Romney’s 655. It now seems that Romney has assumed the position of the 2012 republican presidential nominee.


Supreme Court Ruling Allows Strip-Searches for Any Arrest

NY Times – April 2nd, 2012

The Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 vote on Monday, April 2, that officials may strip-search individuals for any offense, however minor, without suspicion, before admitting them to jail. The case arose from an incident involving the arrest of Albert Florence in New Jersey in 2005. He was arrested after being wrongly accused of an unpaid fine. Florence was held in jails in Burlington and Essex County for a week and strip-searched in each one. Many agree that strip-searching can be seriously humiliating and should be allowed only if reasonable suspicion is present. However, Justice Anthony M. Kennedy responds that many high-profile criminals begin with minor offenses and the ruling can help prevent greater crimes.


Arizona sheriff rejects court monitor; Justice Department threatens to sue

Washington Post – April 3rd, 2012

The federal justice department threatened to sue Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio Tuesday based on the allegations that he was discriminating against Hispanics. The allegations claim that Hispanic prisoners are mistreated in comparison to white prisoners. No lawsuit has been filed, but if Arpaio doesn’t meet the standards the Justice Department lays out for him, he may be forced into one.


Former policemen in Katrina bridge shootings jailed

BBC News – April 5th, 2012

Five former New Orleans police officers shot and killed unarmed civilians on a bridge in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  On Wednesday the officers involved in the incident were sentenced to serve jail time after seven years court battle. Four of the officers shot at six civilians, killing two, and the fifth officer helped in the cover up.


U.S Sees Iran in Bids to Stir Unrest in Afghanistan

NY Times – April 4th, 2012

After recent news of the burning of Korans by American soldiers at an Afghanistan detention center, Iran is suspected of instigating public outrage and violent protests in Afghanistan. John R. Allen, senior allied commander in Afghanistan, stated that Iran has “continued to fuel the flames of violence” by supporting the Afghan insurgency. Among the signs of Iranian influence in rioting, Iran appears to have increased arms shipments to rebels in Yemen. Despite suspicions, Iran denies any support or participation in the recent violent outbursts. As a result of recent violent protests and increasing tension with Iran, American and international intelligence agencies have revitalized its focus on state-sponsored terrorism.


UN Peacekeeper Due in Damascus for Ceasefire Talks

Reuters – April 4th, 2012

Norwegian Major-General Robert Mood flew to Damascus on Thursday to prepare Syria for an observational mission as part of ceasefire efforts demanded by an international peace plan. The plan requires Syria to withdraw heavy weapons from various cities.


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