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Top Ten Articles We Think You Should Read (March 12-18)

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Jury Finds Spying in Rutgers Dorm Was a Hate Crime

New York Times – March 17, 2012

On Friday, the Dharun Ravi was convicted of all 15 charges brought against him in the prosecution of his spying upon his gay roommate Tyler Clementi. Ravi set up a video camera to spy upon his roommate having sex with another man, and then made the video public to friends and associates through his twitter account. The ruling is being hailed by gay rights activists as a step forward against bullying and hate crimes in a time when existing laws have struggled to keep up with evolving technology, but Ravi’s lawyer is certain that an appeal will be made.


Students extol tuition equality at regents meeting

The Michigan Daily – March 15, 2012

Members of the Coalition for Tuition Equality and related student organization on campus met with the University’ Board of Regents on Wednesday during their open meeting to discuss the effort of giving undocumented students living in the state of Michigan the same in state tuition rate as other students. Other issues discussed were the decreased enrollment of African-American students, and the possible increase of childcare funding for grad students.


Congolese Warlord Convicted, in First for International Court

New York Times – March 15, 2012

After three years of trial, an international court found Thomas Lubanga, a leader of the rebel group the Democratic Republic of Congo, guilty of one of the most damning acts of war- the use of children as soldiers.  Lubanga recruited children under the age of 15 forcing the boys to fight and the girls into a life of sexual slavery. The court is likely to issue Lubanga’s sentence in the coming weeks.

Sources identify suspect in Afghanistan rampage

CNN – March 16, 2012

A senior defense official and a military source named Staff Sergeant Robert Bales as the U.S. soldier who, allegedly, killed 16 Afghan civilians last Sunday. Bales is accused of leaving a remote military outpost to enter a neighboring village, and then walking house to house, killing the civilians within. President Karzai of Afghanistan has released statements suggesting that Americans have perhaps concealed information about the attack and that the relationship between the two countries, which has been deteriorating recently, might be at a breaking point.


Goldman Sachs director quits ‘morally bankrupt’ Wall Street bank

The Guardian – March 14, 2012

Eric Smith, a Goldman Sachs executive director, announced his resignation from Goldman Sachs by declaring his employer “morally bankrupt.” In his public resignation letter, he made reference to the Tourre affair and other incidents, saying that they had not taught the firm any humility or integrity.


CBO says Obama’s latest budget would add $3.5 trillion in deficits through 2022 – March 16, 2012

The Congressional Budget office predicts that President Obama’s 2013 budget will add approximately $365 billion to the nation’s deficit next year, and $3.5 trillion by 2022 through the continuation of middle-class tax cuts, limiting the reach of the Alternative Minimum tax, restoring the estate and gift tax to 2009 levels, and other varying interests. However, the CBO’s report is contradicted by the White House’s claims that Obama will reduce the deficit by $3.2 trillion in the next decade.


Gov. Rick Snyder’s Detroit plan puts board in charge

Detroit Free Press – March 14, 2012

With Detroit on the brink of bankruptcy and financial despair, Governor Rick Snyder proposes a controversial plan to put the city’s budget “back into the black.” Snyder’s proposed fiscal recovery plan would strip Mayor Dave Bing and much of the City Council’s power and put a financial advisory board in charge of the city’s future budget and economic decision making. The financial advisory board would have authority over much of the city’s financial operations, including reviewing and approving Detroit’s operating and capital budgets, its funding sources, its plan related to the consolidation, disposition, or elimination of city departments, and any proposed sale of material assets of the city. The proposal also includes an infusion of $137 million in cash to help avoid budget shortfalls that could put the city at risk of payless paydays and service cuts.


China Premier calls for political reforms 

Al Jazeera English – March 14, 2012

China’s parliament recently approved a progressive revision to a criminal that which will severely restrict police power and the ability to detain secretly detain criminal suspects. Wen Jiabao, the most progressive leader the country has ever seen, made closing statements in his final news conference as premier allude to his support of these changes. A younger generation of leaders is preparing to take over control in China, and it will be interesting to see if Wen’s statements are followed up with.


Kony screening provokes anger in Uganda

Al Jazeera English – March 14, 2012

The Invisible Children released a 30-minute YouTube video raising awareness about Joseph Kony’s brutal rebel group, the Lord’s Resistance Army. On Tuesday, a charity organization showed the film to the people who suffered at the hands of the LRA in Uganda. A video clip captures the responses of several upset Ugandans, fearing that the LRA’s wrath will look to be vengeful.


North Korea to launch new ‘long-range rocket’

Al Jazeera English – March 17, 2012

North Korea announced that they will be launching a long-range rocket to honor founder Kim Il-sung’s birth next month on April 15. However, US authorities as well as the UN Security Council believe that this launch would pose a threat to regional security and also go against North Korea’s recent announcement to avoid long-range missile launches. North Korea officials claim that the launch is meant to boost support for the country’s new leadership and apply pressure on the U.S government for international negotiations.


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