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Top Ten Articles We Think You Should Read (Jan 30 – Feb 5)

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Cuba Mulls Over Changes To Communist Party at Conference

Fox News Latino – January 28, 2012

In a two-day conference of Cuba’s Communist Party, Raul Castro has announced the possibility of requiring all officeholders’ terms two two, five-year terms. This is due in part to Castro’s distress at the lack of able-bodied politicians to take over offices after their predecessors leave or retire.

Militant group kicks aid group out of regions in Somalia

CNN-January 31, 2012

The International Committee of the Red Cross, which is responsible for providing food relief for countries in need, has been banned in certain areas of Somalia. Al-Shabaab, the Somali militant group linked to al Qaeda, says the Red Cross has provided them with expired food on more than one occasion.

Pfizer Recalls Birth Control Pills

BBC – February 1, 2012

Pfizer recently recalled fourteen lots of Norgestrel and ethinyl estradiol and fourteen lots of Lo/Ovral-28 due to a packaging error. About one million packages have been recalled in the US because of this error. The error resulted in a number of packages containing pills with the incorrect dosage.This means that women with any of the affected prescription have been advised to visit their doctors and return their prescriptions immediately.

Romney wins Florida Primary and highlights GOP upcoming primaries before
Super Tuesday

CNN – February 1, 2012

Mitt Romney won Tuesday’s Florida primary with a significant 46% victory. He was followed by Newt Gingrich at 32%, Rick Santorum at 13%, and Ron Paul at 7%. Many consider Romney’s victory an important one because of the role it may play in the upcoming primaries, including Super Tuesday. Frontrunners Romney and Gingrich have been gaining momentum this election season, and victories in the upcoming caucuses could create a pattern heading into Super Tuesday.

Egyptian official: 73 dead, hundreds injured in riots after soccer game

CNN – February 2, 2012

A violent riot erupted after a soccer game between Al-Ahly and Al-Masry in Port Said, Egypt on Thursday, February 2. The death toll rose to over 70 people and at least 1,000 more were injured. Chants declaring, “Down with military rule,” could be heard in Cairo just hours after the fighting. Civilians complain that authorities only escalated the violence, as police stood by watching the gore and ambulances arrived late. Many of the deaths were due to people trapped in the bleachers and falling or suffocating because police refused to open the gates that would have allowed them to escape. Also, many Al-Masry fans were armed with rocks, glass bottles, knives, and swords and it is unclear as to how they were allowed in the stadium with such weapons, encouraging Egyptian civilians’ distrust of their government. Although, the relationship between football violence and political strife has had long-standing link, a riot of this caliber has shocked everyone.

Genes linked to cancer could be easier to detect with liquid lasers Published on Jan 31, 2012 Written by Nicole Casal Moore
University of Michigan News Service – January 31, 2012
University of Michigan Professor Xudong Fan has developed a way to identify mutated DNA that could detect genes that are linked to cancer. This technique involves utilizing liquid lasers, which amplify light when passing through a dye and can then show the difference between a mutated piece of DNA and a healthy one. This technique is much more accurate than the current approach which uses just a fluorescent dye. In this technique, when the mutated molecule is detected, it emits a fluorescent flare. However, the patrol has been known to bind to healthy DNA as well, emitting only a slightly dimmer than positive signal. This problem makes misdiagnosis a major issue. With Professor Fan’s new technique, a misdiagnosis is much less probable and the ____ in cancer research continue to positively evolve.

University invests $814.8 million in energy
The Michigan Daily – January 31, 2012
The University of Michigan has announced a $14 million investment in sustainability initiatives including purchasing several hybrid buses and sedans. This money comes from returns gained off of a $814.8 million investment in the energy sector which is comprised of 15 separate investments in different companies related to the oil industry. While the amount invested in sustainability efforts is less than the return from the energy sector, the University is making efforts to add variety to the energy sector.

Susan G. Komen retracts decision, will fund Planned Parenthood

CBS News – February 3, 2012

The Susan G. Komen Foundation has released a statement reversing its decision to cease funding for Planned Parenthood. Two days after cutting ties with Planned Parenthood under the pretenses of not funding grant applications of organizations under investigation, public outrage has led the organization to amend the policy. The Susan G. Komen foundation will continue funding grants to Planned Parenthood for breast cancer screening and allow Planned Parenthood to apply for grants in the future.

Obama unveils $5 billion veterans jobs proposal

CNN – February 3, 2012

During a speech in Arlington Virginia, President Obama introduced a $5 billion dollar veteran’s job plan as part of the Veterans Job Core Initiative. The job plan seeks $166 million dollars in grant money for communities that are inclined to hire veterans for law enforcement jobs, and $320 million dollars in grant money to communities that vow to hire veterans for fire department jobs. An additional $4 billion dollars has been requested in the plan to expand the programs. The future budget also intends to afford $1 billion dollars to new veteran jobs related to conservation efforts in public parks and nature reserves, including tourism, and maintenance and upkeep jobs. Additionally, the president is supposed to propose in the near future an expansion to training programs for veterans interested in creating their own businesses.

U.S. accuses Sudan of bombing civilians

CNN – February 3, 2012

In an official White House statement the African nation of Sudan was condemned for allegedly bombing it’s own civilians. This was released after a bombing of a Bible school in the region of South Kordofan on Wednesday. No injuries were reported, but the region is still seen as unstable with the creation of the nation South Sudan in July.

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