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Top Ten Articles We Think You Should Read (Jan 23 – Jan 29)

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Facebook sues ‘clickjacking’ firm

The Guardian – January 27, 2012

Facebook has brought a lawsuit against a firm in Delaware that makes a profit from Facebook users “liking” fake pages on the social network site. It has been found that the firm, Ascend Media, has made $1.2 million a month through this practice, which is known as “clickjacking” or “likejacking.”

North Korea threatens to punish mobile-phone users as ‘war criminals’

The Telegraph – January 26, 2012

North Korean citizens who attempt to cross the borders into China and South Korea in order to escape lives of poverty can now expect to be executed if they are repeat offenders, as can citizens who attempt to retrieve information about events in the outside world using cell phones. This comes at a time when the North Korean government, now under the leadership of Kim Jong-un, is fearful of any information concerning international politics instigating political unrest in the North.

Big Brother Concerns over Google Changes

Al Jazeera English – January 26, 2012

Google has recently announced that the company will make changes to its privacy policy to improve the experience of users. The company said in a statement that the new policy combined more than sixty different privacy policies for its various services; including Google search, Gmail, YouTube and Google+. These changes have caused an uproar in the community of Google users who claim that the new policy will violate their privacy rights. The new policy will allow the company to combine all personal information about users rather than keeping them on separate databases, allowing a clearer picture of individual users and more about what they do online.

Obama in Ann Arbor: President outlines plan to prove college affordability 27, 2012

During a speech at the Al Glick Field House to 7,000 U of M students, President Barack Obama stressed the importance of higher education and making it affordable to everyone. The U.S. Department of Education released new college affordability initiatives, many of which President Obama discussed in his speech. Some of these included overhauling the loan systems and eliminating federal and state government subsidies to increasing college tuition. The President also stressed the growth of the Michigan economy and the need for developing the manufacturing industry in the United States.

Egypt’s new parliament holds inaugural session

The Los Angeles Times-January 23, 2012

With a majority of members from the Muslim Brotherhood present the first freely elected Egyptian parliament since 1952 gathered on January 23 to create a new government. A majority of the new lawmakers come from the once banned Muslim Brotherhood, or from the conservative Salafis party. Outside the chamber walls of government the people of Egypt are still waiting for the military to release control of the country and for the new parliament to address the economy.

Supreme Court Rules Police Need Warrant For GPS Tracking

NPR – January 23, 2012

The Supreme Court unanimously ruled that police need a warrant if they want to place a tracking device on a suspect’s vehicle. Justice Scalia cited that doing so has previously allowed officers ‘to encroach on a protected area.’  Justice Alito concurred that the Court should have gone further and dealt with the GPS tracking of wireless devices, like mobile phones. This decision came from a case where police tracked a Washington D.C. man for 30 days to ultimately be led to a stash of money and drugs. His life sentence had been overturned by an appeals court.

US Marine Spared Jail over deaths of Unarmed Iraqis

The Guardian-January 24, 2012

In 2005, eight marines were prosecuted for the killing of 24 unarmed Iraqis. This past week, Staff Sergeant Frank Wuterich, the only marine to face sentencing for the attack, was spared jail time and this sentence ends the six year prosecution. Of the eight marines that were originally charged, one was acquitted and the other six cases were dropped. For the past six years, Wuterich defended his actions “as a necessary act ‘to keep my fellow marines alive’.”

US Special Forces rescue Somalia Aid workers

CNN-January 26, 2012

A Navy SEAL unit parachuted into Somalia to rescue two abducted international aid workers. The victims were physically unharmed and will finally be reunited with family and friends since their kidnapping in October of 2011. Jessica Buchanan and Poul Thisted worked for the Danish Refugee Council and were taken as they were visiting humanitarian projects in central Somalia. Pentagon officials say the nine gunman responsible for the hostages were killed, and the US suffered no casualties

Aid group quits Libyan prisons over torture 26, 2012

Doctors Without Borders, the French medical aid group, has suspended its assistance in prisons in Misrata, Libya because of evidence of torture carried out on at least 115  detainees. Amnesty International has also said that several people have died from torture in detention centers in Tripoli and Gheryan as well. “The torture is being carried out by officially recognized military and security entities as well as by a multitude of armed militias operating outside any legal framework,” a spokesman for London-based Amnesty told the BBC.

EU imposes Iran oil embargo

The Los Angeles Times-January 24, 2012

The European Union has joined the United States in boycotting Iran oil in hopes that Iran will reconsider its nuclear enrichment program. Iran says the program is for peaceful purposes, but the US and the EU believe that Iran is trying to build nuclear weapons. The United States sanctions have already done serious damage to Iran’s economy: the value of Iran’s currency is falling dramatically and prices are rising. Iran receives 70% of its revenue from oil sales.

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