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Top Ten Articles We Think You Should Read (Oct 10 – Oct 16)

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Yemen: Thousands of women demonstrate, dozens injured

CNN – October 10, 2011

What was supposed to be one of three celebrations in honor of a Yemeni Nobel Peace Prize winner ended as an attack on thousands of Yemeni women gathered in her honor. The female protestors were attacked by pro-Yemeni government gangs last Sunday in Taiz, a city in southern Yemen. At least 38 women were injured after having rocks and batons thrown at them.

Israeli president begins pardoning Palestinian prisoners to be released in swap for soldier

Washington Post – October 15, 2011

Israel has agreed to release over 1,000 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for Sgt. Gilad Schalit, who was captured by Hamas in 2006. Israeli President Shimon Peres has 48 hours to sign the papers that will release the first half of the 1,027 prisoners set for release.

Obama drops long-term health care program


CNN – October 14, 2011

President Obama has dropped the CLASS Act, the Community Living Assistance Services and Supports Act. The program was part of the larger health care insurance law passed in 2010 aimed at providing health care more universally in the United States. Never very popular with the Republicans, the Obama administration has announced that it had halted the CLASS act due to cost concerns.

Part of Alabama Immigrant Law Blocked

New York Times – October 15, 2011

This summer, the governor of Alabama signed into law the nations’ toughest immigration law thus far. The law had many provisions, one that schools must document what country the children enrolling were born in, as well as the immigration status of them and their parents. This provision, among others, has had preliminary injunctions placed on them by the United States court of appeals. As the federal government and civil rights groups continue to fight over the law itself in court, the majority of the law is remaining in tact.

US accuses Iran of plot to kill Saudi ambassador

Los Angeles Times – October 11, 2011

The FBI and DEA agents disrupted an elaborate Iranian-backed plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States at a busy Washington restaurant on Tuesday, October 11th.  A DEA informant infiltrated a Mexican drug cartel who received an offer of $1.5 million to carry out the attack. Iranian-American Manssor Arbabsiar has been arrested in the case who has confessed to the charges and has been cooperating in custody.

Slovakia approves European debt-crisis bailout plan

Washington Post – October 13, 2011

Slovakia approved a beefed-up bailout fund to combat Europe’s debt crisis to the relief of European leaders who needed the all seventeen nations that share the euro to sign-off before putting their new rescue plan into effect. The bailout plan will give $590 billion to ailing European governments and banks to boost the euro. European leaders will be gathering again in late October to formulate a new rescue plan since there are low expectations that Europe’s problems are solved.

Harper: Police are trying to ‘tone it down’ on game days

Michigan Daily – October 10, 2011

In response to an LSA student questioning why cops are breaking up Football Saturday pregame parties more often than they had in the past, Harper expressed concern that the drunken behavior does not accurately reflect who University students are. Harper says that the intent is to tone it down. Harper responded to these questions at a fireside chat with President Coleman and about 40 students in the Michigan Union on Sunday. Other topics included new off-campus housing safety precautions and increased minority enrollment.

‘Occupy the Hood’: Include all of the 99%

Al Jazeera English – October 10, 2011

One week after the Occupy Wall Street movement, some activists identified that people of color were left out of the initial mobilization. Occupy has prided itself on represent “99 per cent” of the population, and people like Malik Rhaasan feel like this claim is problematic. Rhaasan used Facebook and Twitter for “Occupy the Hood,” an Occupy sub-organization that would bring people of color into the organizaing process. The article interviews an activist in Detroit, Michigan who has signed onto the “Hood.”

Oil spill disaster New Zealand’s ‘worst in decades’

BBC News – October 11, 2011

A stranded cargo ship off the coast of New Zealand may be responsible for leaking 350 tons of oil, marking the country’s worst environmental disaster in decades. Environment Minister Nick Smith said this event has come to a stage where it is New Zealand’s most significant maritime environmental disaster. Officials have closed affected beaches and warned people to stay away from the shore.

UAW-Chrysler tentative deal brings 2,100 jobs, $4.5B invested in U.S. Plants

Detroit Free Press – October 11, 2011

The UAW reached a tentative agreement with Chrysler, giving the union a deal with the third and final automaker in this year’s national contract negotiations. The UAW said the agreement would add 2,100 new jobs and $4.5 billion in new investments at Chrysler’s U.S. plants. UAW says that the agreement builds on the momentum of job creation and our efforts to rebuild America.

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