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Top Ten Articles We Think You Should Read (Week of Apr. 4-Apr. 10)

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Obama signs short-term funding – April 9, 2011

President Obama signed a short-term funding extension this Saturday again narrowly averting a partial shutdown of the federal government. The funding extension cuts spending by $2 billion and will last through April 15. A long-term funding bill which will cut spending by $35.8 billion is scheduled to be voted on by the House sometime this week.


Britain to reassert worries about WikiLeaks suspect Bradley Manning’s treatment

The Washington Post-April 5, 2011

Despite his lack of British citizenship, protests concerning the treatment of Pfc. Bradley Manning will be issued by the United States’ British Ambassadors to U.S. government officials. Britain’s Foreign Office is saying that because Manning’s mother is Welsh, he is of British descent, and therefore, eligible to receive aid from Britain.


Italy recognizes Libya’s rebel National Council

BBC-April 4, 2001

Italy’s Foreign Minister Franco Frattini announced that it is cutting it’s once close ties with Colonel Gaddafi and will only recognize Libya’s Anti-Gaddafi Transitional National Council in future talks. France and Qatar have already made formal recognitions of the TNC.

Obama administration won’t pursue civilian trials for 9/11 suspects

The Los Angeles Times-April 5, 2011

After having promised that his administration would try detained suspected terrorists in civilian courts, President Obama and his Atty. Gen. Eric H. Holder, Jr. have announced that the trials will be heard before a military commission in Guantanamo Bay. It was the President’s wish to show that the U.S. judicial system is a fair one, but others are worried that such a move would invite more terrorist activity into U.S. borders.


Senators, Obama administration at odds over hiring records

The Los Angeles Times-April 5, 2011

The Health and Human Services Department is refusing to provide congressional auditors with information that might determine where waste and fraud in federal programs that pay out billions of dollars in disability benefits. Congress’ investigative arm, the Government Accountability Office, hopes to match the names of those getting disability payments against a list of people who’ve been newly hired.


Obama makes quiet entrance into 2012 race

The Los Angeles Times-April 5, 2011

President Barack Obama filed reelection papers on Monday, marking an aggressive approach and indicating the magnitude of the task ahead. Obama is expected to face a more challenging electoral landscape that in his path-breaking 2008 victory, especially when the nation wanted to replace the unfavorable Republican Bush.


Rubber cultivation in South America booms as prices soar

The Los Angeles Times-April 4, 2011

South America, Colombia specifically, has jumped on the agribusiness train of mass rubber cultivation in the past few years as the price for rubber has doubled since 2007. Until recently, Southeast Asia has produced almost all, 94%, of the world’s rubber supply but soil cultivation and management advances as well as the price increase have made Colombia a prime location for rubber harvesting. The Mavalle plantation, located in Colombia’s eastern plains, has 1,200 acres of rubber trees that farmers harvest rubber from.


Gadhafi to Obama: Stop ‘War’; Good Luck in Election

NPR-April 6, 2011

Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi sent a three-page letter to President Obama on Wednesday imploring him to stop the NATO air campaign on Libya. “Although [Gadhafi] listed a litany of complaints, [he] said he bears no ill will toward Obama” (NPR) and simply wants the warfare to stop. The Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, seemed unabashed claiming that everyone knows what is expected of “Mr. Gadhafi,” including him.


Company Says Radioactive Water Leak at Japan Plant Is Plugged

The New York Times-April 5, 2011

Japan announced on Wednesday that it has stopped the leak of highly radioactive water into the ocean after tests found the seawater radiation levels near the plant to be several million times the legal limit. The government has also caught fish as far as 43 miles away from the plant with high levels of radiation, prompting it to announce radiation safety levels for fish. Experts said that more tests need to be done to measure the radiation levels of fish and seaweed in other areas in order to determine to what extent this leakage will impact the food chain.


Glenn Beck to leave Fox News program

The Washington Post-April 6, 2011

Conservative TV host Glenn Beck has agreed with his employers that his Fox News Channel show will end later this year. This comes after a lapse in the program’s ratings and loss of advertisers due to some of Beck’s insensitive comments.

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