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Top Ten Articles We Think You Should Read (Week of Mar. 28-Apr. 3)

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Boehner’s decision: Compromise or force a shutdown

The Los Angeles Times-March 29, 2011

House Speaker John A. Boehner faces a fateful choice over whether to prioritizes GOP unity and forcing a shutdown, that many strategists believe could be costly to his party, or compromise with the Democrats, which has the potential to split the Republican Party. While $10 billion worth of cuts is already signed into law, Boehner appeared to be ready to propose an additional $26 billion dollars, a number that many conservative House Republicans are not happy with (they want deeper cuts).

Texas Republicans Take Harder Line On Immigration

NPR-March 29, 2011

After using an “insufficiently conservative” approach to illegal immigration, Texas’ Republican Party is deciding to be tougher on immigration. Instead of accepting the U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants as citizens, it has been decided that children will have to prove their citizenship when enrolling for elementary school and that the state language will be English. According to Representative Leo Berman, Republican will not be alienating its Hispanic voters by making these changes because many of them vote Democrat.

Britain, France Open to Arming Libya’s Rebels

NPR-March 30, 2011

Britain, France, and the U.S. are currently considering whether or no they will supply weapons to support Libyan rebels. According to the parties involved, there is a U.N. arms embargo in place that might be able to be circumvented by a U.N. resolution, but there is no word on if or when this resolution will come to be. Despite this, there has already been reported contact between the CIA and the Libyan rebels in regards to airstrike assistance. There have also been reports saying that Obama has already authorize the CIA to arm the rebels.

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Egypt to announce new working constitution

CNN-March 30, 2011

Egypt’s military leadership has announced a new working constitution that will be in effect until a final one is approved. This constitution will replace the current 1971 constitution and will define the judicial and executive branches, as well as the election process. The ruling military has promised the nation free parliamentarian elections in September and a presidential election sometime after.


Obama seeks to cut oil imports by one-third

The Los Angeles Times-March 30, 2011

In a speech at Georgetown University, President Obama outlined a plan to reduce oil imports by one-third over the next ten years. His plan includes increasing domestic gas and oil production and supporting the development of biofuels and fuel efficient cars and trucks. He also stressed relying less on imports from the Middle East and instead on producers, and allies, in the western hemisphere such as Canada, Mexico and Brazil.


High radiation found far from Japan nuke plant

MSNBC-March 30, 2011

Radiation exceeding recommended levels has been found at a Japanese village 25 miles from the Fukushima power plant. This village is beyond the 19 mile zone which had already been evacuated. Radiation has also been detected in produce, raw milk, and tap water as far away as Tokyo. Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano announced that as of now, there is no foreseeable end in sight to the nuclear crisis.


NATO commander: U.S. transitioning to “enabler”

CBS News-March 30, 2011

In response to Washington lawmakers who are against the United State’s intervention in Libya, it has been declared by Navy Admiral James Stavridis, NATO’s commander, that America will be assuming a reduced military role in Libya in comparison to other nations. It has also been said that the United States will not send ground troops into Libya, either.

US Muslims ‘face growing discrimination’

Al Jazeera-March 29, 2011

Speakers at a U.S. congressional panel have been told that anti-Muslim sentiments are very much present in every day life for the Muslim American community. Republican senator Lindsey Graham has said that he is a proponent of right for the Muslim American community, but also says that Muslims have a unique understanding of the U.S.’s war in the Middle East, given the fact that they are Muslims. Other elected officials have made anti-Muslim remarks, as well, which flames the fires of discrimination.

UK expels Libyan diplomats in protest/Libya’s foreign minister flees to Britain

Al Jazeera-March 30/31, 2011

Moussa Koussa, the Libyan foreign minister, has fled to the United Kingdom, effectively resigning from his post as one of the most senior officials in Gaddafi’s government with a role to represent it internationally, which is ”something that he is no longer willing to do.” Meanwhile, the British government announced the expulsion of Libya’s military attaché and four other diplomats in protest for intimidating opposition groups in London. Britain also hosted an international conference on Tuesday that piled pressure on Gaddafi to quite and pledge to continue military action against his forces until he complies with a UN resolution to protect civilians.

Syrian Leader Blames ‘Conspiracy’ for Turmoil

The New York Times-March 30, 2011

Bashar al-Assad, the president of Syria, gave a speech on Wednesday as he refused to offer concessions and labeled pro-democracy demonstrators as either “duped” or as conspirators in a plot to destroy the nation. Mr. Assad justified his holding on to power, prioritizing the stability of Syria. He added that the state would not put any changes into effect under pressure: “We are not in favor of chaos and destruction.” During his speech, there was no remorse after government forces killed dozens in the past two weeks and demonstrations in several cities challenged the president’s authority.

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