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Ten Articles We Think You Should Read (Week of Jan. 17-Jan. 23)

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House starts health care repeal debate

Huffington Post– January 21, 2011

House Republicans unanimously voted Wednesday to fully repeal Obama’s health care reform. However, the Senate is unlikely to pass the repeal.  Republicans fear the bill will destroy the “doctor-patient relationship”.  Democrats praise the bill for ultimately extending coverage to more than 30 million uninsured Americans by 2019 and claim that a repeal of the bill would add more than $200 billion to the federal deficit.

Comcast wins regulatory approval for NBC Deal

The Wall Street Journal – January 19, 2011

The FCC and Justice Department finally agreed to the merger between Comcast and NBC while imposing several conditions to prevent the cable giant to hinder competitors when it comes to regulating the upcoming online video market.  For example, Comcast will not be allowed to withhold NBC programming from its pay-TV and online competitors. Comcast must also set aside a number of channels for independent programmers and agreed to keep NBC network programming on free over-the-air TV stations. Many of the conditions were actually proposed by Comcast over the year-long discussion in hopes of getting the deal approved.

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Hiring of Japanese grads drops to a record low

CNN – January 18, 2011
Less than 70% of the Japanese graduate students have job offers in hand, which is the lowest rate since the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare began tracking that statistic in 1996. The historical average of Japanese students securing jobs ahead of graduation is about 80%. Experts say that this current rate might be even lower than expected because the agency does not account for those students who elected to continue to study rather than entering the job market.

Vatican Warned Irish Bishops Not To Report Abuse

NPR-January 18, 2011

The Irish broadcasters, RTE, have come into possession of a letter written by a former Vatican diplomat Ireland saying that any reports of clergy-related child-abuse were not to be with the local police, even though this demand conflicted with the Irish church’s chuld-abuse policy. According to the diplomat, the Irish church’s policy went against canon law, which says that any reports of child-abuse, among other things, are to be handled by the Church in Rome at a later time. Until that time, allegations were to be kept quiet.

Dr. Kermit Gosnell “killed babies” at abortion clinic

BBC-January 19, 2011

Sixty-nine year old Dr. Kermit Gosnell of Philadelphia has been charged with performing late-term abortions after inducing labor and murdering a patient via “ ‘systematic’” medical malpractice. While the prosecution holds that Gosnell should be accountable for the aforementioned charges, the defense admits that the doctor had received complaints in the past, but the complaints never led to investigations.

Hu’s Visit Yields Modest Results for Both U.S., China

NPR – January 20, 2011

Chinese President Hu Jintao traveled to the United States earlier this week to begin a series of visits and talks with President Obama and other American political leaders and business men. Talks were relatively optimistic and both countries went out of their way to stress the importance of cooperation. China promised $45 billion in trade and investment and also to stiffen its enforcement of intellectual property. There were also other signs of progress in talks over climate change, human rights, and North Korea’s nuclear enrichment plan. However, U.S. concerns over China’s undervalued currency continue.

Charges filed against “Baby Doc” Duvalier in Haiti

CNN – January 19, 2011

Duvalier, returning to Haiti last Sunday night after 25 years of exile, has been charged with financial corruption and human rights violations. A judge will have 30 days to investigate and decide whether or not to proceed with a case against Duvalier. While many humans’ right groups cite atrocities committed during his reign, many Haitians remember his rule favorably.

Why Facebook wants your phone number

CNN – January 18, 2011

If you couldn’t already tell, the social networking site Facebook created by one unassuming Harvard undergrad has been in the news a lot recently due to its headline grabbing tactics. The most recent of these was their announcement last weekend that they wanted users’ phone numbers. Why? This same question was asked by many bloggers and concerned parties so Facebook blogged an answer: To provide users with apps that could send messages to their phones thus making their lives easier. Thank Facebook! What they weren’t telling users, is the answer that some are figuring out; that Facebook’s trusty app developers can sell your phone numbers, addresses, and any other personal information to scammers or other not so kosher companies. Bottom line, revisit those account setting of yours and make sure that you are giving that information willingly.

2010 Was the Worst Year for Piracy

CNN – January 18, 2011

When we think of pirates, the images of Captain Hook with his sword or Jack Sparrow with his wit are what typically come to mind. But in reality, pirates of the 21st century are anything but Disney’s creations. CNN reports that the waters off of the coast of Somalia are the most dangerous yet, and in 2010 1,181 sailors on 53 ships were captured alone, an alarming increase from 2009. Sailors have resorted to using anything aboard their ships as weapons to ward off these pirates, fire hoses and razor wire in the case of two merchant ships reported by the European Naval Force Somalia reports. Thankfully, hostages aboard a Greek ship taken hostage on the Fourth of July were released a week ago, but this happy ending is far and few between.

Banned in Britain: Pastor Terry Jones

CNN – January 19, 2011

Terry Jones has been denied entry into Great Britain and is threatening to challenge the decision. His public statements of wanting to burn the Muslim holy book, the Quran, did not sit well with UK government officials, who released a statement saying, “The government opposes extremism in all its forms which is why we have excluded Pastor Terry Jones from the UK.” US officials were equally as outraged citing examples of danger to US Troops overseas should anything like this take place. Although Jones is claiming his civil liberties allow this sort of speech, perhaps the US could take a cue from its forefathers on this and take into account all of the lives potentially affected.

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