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Baba Wawa’s Most Fascinating Hit or Miss?

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By: Kelsey Heckert

Anybody catch Baba Wawa’s 10 Most Fascinating People this past Thursday? It was definitely interesting to say the least. To the powerful list of interviewees that Barbara Walter’s has had, including President Jimmy Carter, Fidel Castro, and Princess Diana, she can now add the likes of Justin Bieber and the entire Jersey Shore cast.

Sure, I understand that the Barbara Walters 10 Most Fascinating People, started in 1993, is not subjected to the crème de le crème. However, this woman who claims to be semi-retired, comes into a studio to inhale massive amounts of hair spray and orange-colored muscles?  “They are something. I don’t know what, but they are something.”

For example, in 1993 the Most Fascinating People included 1 athlete, 1 chairman, 1 doctor, 1 poet, 1 actor, 1 production guy, 2 talk show hosts, 1 singer, and the first lady. Just looking at the breakdown, there is a pretty broad range of professions.

In 2010, the breakdown includes 3 singers, 1 group of drunk teens, 1 athlete, 1 website creator, 2 actors, 1 princess, and 1 general. Looking at this breakdown, it’s still broad but the reasons seem more…”fascinating?”

[fasuh-ney-ting] (adj)

of great interest or attraction; enchanting; charming; captivating

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Let’s go over the list of people who made “it”—whether the person be enchanting or of great interest:

Betty White: Don’t get me wrong. I think Betty White is just the cutest little thing. All of her sexual comments? And she’s how old?! However, Betty honestly felt like this year was just like any other year. She said that she’s been working for 63 years, and she doesn’t really consider this year her “comeback” year. I’m not saying that she doesn’t deserve recognition (which she HAS been getting—Lifetime achievement award), but why 2010?

Mark Zuckerburg: I agree with this one. The founder of a website that has 500 million users? His life was also the basis for The Social Network which dramatized what Zuckerburg says is a rather plain life. Yeah, because we all will be billionaires by the time we’re out of college. Nice try, Mark.

Justin Bieber: You know what? I was pleasantly surprised about Barbara’s interview with him. He really does have some talent. But will he be a name that we will recognize in 15 years? Only time will tell. And, if you were 16 and had millions of kids screaming/crying/professing their love to you, I’d be interested to see how your mental health was. He seems okay. So, I’m not sick with Bieber Fever, but I can understand this one.

The Jersey Shore cast: This one bothers me. I’ve never seen the show so I don’t know who am I to say that, but, really Barbara? When I think “fascinating,” I think of something that I would want to study and learn more about. For me, it’s not the Jersey Shore cast. I am definitely biased on this one, but they sure get a lot of attention (as Barbara notes when Snooki got punched in the face).

Sandra Bullock: I don’t know about this one either. I enjoy watching her movies. I cried my eyes out during The Blind Side. But I’m also one who was also unsure of Sandra getting the Oscar earlier this year. However, America focused its attention on her especially during her personal life fallout. She’s resilient, that’s for sure. Good for her for getting out of a bad situation and still handling herself so gracefully.

Kate Middleton: Who? Well, she stars in her own personal Cinderella story, as she will be marrying Prince William. Barbara seems more interested in showcasing what a dull life this girl has to lead that anything. I’d have to agree—rather than placing on her on the list of Most Fascinating People, she’s be on a different, more boring list.

Jennifer Lopez: I think that this person was the poorest choice of all candidates for the list. J-Lo? Jenny from the block? And only because of her new role as American Idol judge…who even watches that anymore? She hasn’t done anything new besides continue to care for her babies while being basically out of the limelight. Not impressed. Not one bit.

Lebron James: I remember during this past summer if I ever turned on ESPN it was either World Cup soccer or Lebron James and the decisions he faces as a free agent. Watching Ohio’s reaction was probably one of the biggest events for sports this year: burning his jersey, the mayor’s criticizing, and ripping down the humongous banner. I think it’s even more fascinating that Miami is not doing so hot right now, especially after they had a high-school style pep-rally (but with fireworks, professional announcers, and the entire city of Miami).

Sarah Palin: Well, she is supposedly looking at running for president in the upcoming presidential election, and she definitely would be more important that Jennifer Lopez and the Jersey Shore cast combined. Unfortunately, I don’t think Palin will ever have a chance at succeeding as the next President of the United States. Maybe she could get the Republican nomination, but the press has done a pretty good job at ruining any credibility that she had.

General David Petraeus: As the commander of the War in Afghanistan, this guy has every right to be on the list. But to be named Barbara’s most fascinating person? I don’t know about that one. Not that I consider myself an avid war follower, but this is not a name that I have heard of too often. In my opinion, this pick kind of seemed like a pro-war move, but I’m sure I’m just imagining things. I’m not trying to get my views on the war across (which I’m not really sure of anyways), but it wouldn’t surprise me if the government had communicated with someone involved in the list-making at ABC.

Barbara, I’ll continue watching you until you fully retire. But let’s hope for a more fascinating 2011.

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