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North Korea: The Time-Out Kid of the Moment

In Hillary Clinton, North Korea, Nuclear Weapons, South Korea on December 8, 2010 at 7:32 pm


By Marisa McKay

After the military drills on the island of Yeonpyeon in the Yellow Sea, tensions between the rival nations of North and South Korea reached a recent high. North Korea sees the long-disputed island as their territory, and South Korea, who uses the island primarily for military activity sees it as theirs. North Korea, on November 29, upped the ante in terms of whose nuclear weapons are bigger when it threatened South Korea if this military use of the island continued. Why doesn’t someone just take the island away from them both and tell North Korea to stop being such a bully? Enter Hillary Clinton.

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An interesting thing to note in this drama is the presence of the Clinton’s, or perhaps even their influence, in North Korean politics. When the two U.S. journalists, Euna Lee and Laura Ling were abducted by North Korean border police on the Chinese border on March 17, who was sent to mediate the sticky situation and bring the two women home? None other than former president turned foreign affairs aficionado Bill Clinton. And in this current dispute between North Korea, and oh wait, everyone, Mrs. Former President Hilary is being sent in to advocate for the U.S. Obviously her position as U.S. Secretary of State sort of outlines this a duty, but it is an interesting similarity. Or maybe the Clinton presence in North Korean politics is the communist leaders’ infatuation with the southern man’s accent and his scorned wife’s apparent inability to divorce the cheater? (Nope, that’s just me). Mrs. Clinton, along with members of South Korean and Japanese governments are meeting this week to discuss what the news is now dubbing “The North Korea problem,” a fitting description. Originally, these were supposed to be six-party talks and Putin’s Russia and China were invited, and have since been ousted.. Despite the delicacy of the situation, I have high hopes that Hilary will be able to put her foot down and finally put North Korea in its rightful place; the time out chair. After all, she was able to put her husband there.

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